Digital humanities has been developing for decades, and when digital media and digital tools have filled our lives and studies, more attention needs to be paid to the critical digital humanities. A critical perspective gives humanists the opportunity and path to engage in digital humanities research and helps us reflect on the ever-evolving digital methods and tools. 

Therefore, the journal Critical Theory is going to do a special issue “critical digital humanities”. What does digital humanities bring to humanities research? Which are good and which are bad? How is the construction and development of digital humanities infrastructure? Can it really be used by humanists? What is the role of digital humanities in different subject areas? What is the development of digital humanities in different countries and regions? What difficulties have you encountered? We sincerely welcome scholars from around the world to share their work on the digital humanities, and in particular encourage critical re-examination and reflection of digital humanities practices.

If you are interested in these questions, you are welcome to submit your proposal (including a title, 400 word abstract and a brief bio, in English) to the editor Shuang Xiao(, by 15 August, 2023.

Notification of acceptance of abstracts will be sent out by 30 August, 2023.

The deadline for full submissions is 30 November, 2023

Please feel free to contact Shuang Xiao( if you have any queries.

About The Journal

Critical Theory is a unique interdisciplinary international journal dedicated to cutting-edge ideas in the fields of culture, literature, art and aesthetic criticism, and provides a platform for such exchanges, and is committed to building a global knowledge network centered on critical theory.

Critical Theory is an international, peer-reviewed, open-access journal, which aims to promote the exchange of Chinese and Western literary theories through the latest research and translation of this journal, and the overseas dissemination of contemporary Chinese literary theories. It provides an academic platform for professionals and researchers and contributes to innovative work in this field.

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