Erasure, Misrepresentation and Confusion: Investigating JSTOR Topics on Women’s and Race Histories

作者:Sharon Block, UC-Irvine

转载来源:DIgital Humanities Quarterly, 14.1, 2020,



Sharon Block 

Sharon Block is Professor of History at the University of California, Irvine. She is the author of Rape and Sexual Power in Early America (2006), Colonial Complexions: Race and Bodies in Eighteenth-Century America (2018), and some of the earliest articles aplying topic modeling in the humanities, including “Doing More with Digitization: An Introduction to Topic Modeling of Early American Sources”, Common-place: the Interactive Journal of Early American Life (2006) and with D. Newman, “What, Where, When and Sometimes Why: Data Mining Women’s History Abstracts, 1985-2005”, Journal of Women’s History (2011).